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Joe Trio - Cold Cuts Cold Cuts (2011)
Track Title Time
1 Bondenburg Concerto 2:44
2-4 Django Medley 6:06
5 Rooster Bop Boogie 3:39
6-9 West Side Short Story 8:14
10 Da Slockit Light 4:18
11 Sabre Dance 2:32
12 Tea for Two 2:09
13-22 A Broad History of TV Themes with Apologies to Various Decomposing Composers (except for Phililp Glass) 9:07
23 Black Dog Rondo 4:15
24 Salt PEanuts 3:10
25 Dueling Trio 1:43

A Hard Day's Nessun or Please Please Nessun Nessun Dorma Dorma Us



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Joe Trio - A Cup of Joe A Cup Of Joe (1997)
Track Title Time
1 The Man I Love/Goofus 3:32
2 Sweet Georgia Brown   3:18
3 Ashokan Farewell   4:34
4 Three Fiddle Tunes 3:17
5 Elegy by Elliott Carter 4:18
6-9 Trio in Eb Op. No.1 by Ludwig van Beethoven 27:13
10 Besame Mucho 2:40
11 Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns 7:17
12-21 A Brief History of Western Music
with apologies to Henry Mancini, Op.1  


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Joe Trio - Set 'em Up Joe Set 'em up, Joe (2001)
Track Title Time
1 Paint it Black 2:51
2 Hiccup de Tango   2:51
3 Joe Canada 2:47
4 The Way You Look Tonight 3:01
5 D'eau: A Simpsymphony 8:19
6 Dumka 6 4:20
7 Nocturna 3:41
8 If Ever You Were Mine 3:41
9 Dumka 2 6:40
10 Linus and Lucy 4:25
11 Der Flipperzauberer 8:18
12 Orange Blossom Zorbet 4:05

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